Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Favourite Children's Books

What we read and love as children stays with us and shapes the adults we become. I've been thinking a lot lately about the joy that reading brought me as a child, and reminding ourselves of that is such a good way of opening to and of remembering our inner creative process. With that in mind I've started a new blog (http://hotbooksthatrock.blogspot.com/ - link on right) where I invite everyone to write about the books that inspired them as children and indeed about any children's books they have discovered or rediscovered now as adults.

And what are children reading now? What do they like? What issues really get their attention? I'd love to know if it's all very different now or if children actually enjoy the same things generation after generation, I also really want to encourage children to write there so they have a forum to share their views, so if there are children you know who would enjoy this please ask them to write there - but only if they want to. Nothing should ever be forced in life :)

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