Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well at long last have my website partially up! It's there in the links on the left called The Fusion Method or

It's been a while coming but I needed time to figure out where all that I was learning and assimilating was leading me. I use the Work of Byron Katie to free the mind, the teachings of Prem Rawat Maharaji to feel life and the huge joy bubble that is Sonia Choquette and her methods to live the experience. All the while I've been avidly studying the latest in quantum physics theories and their application to the particular healing system that I have developed. It all comes together in the Fusion Method and I'm excited about where it will lead.

I'm in the process of writing 'Dance with Life in Action', a workbook that embraces the Fusion Method, and in that I will develop some of the science and amazing theories that back up and underpin much of the centuries old teachings that I passed on in Dance with Life.

I'll keep you posted on how that all progresses.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Fusion Method Healing Classes

Healing Classes Begin in Bantry on Monday January 26th 2009

The Fusion Method is a mind-body-spirit approach to healing and holistic well being. The aim of this class is to give participants the tools to deal with stressful and negative thinking or any thoughts which block or prevent success. Participants will learn how to open and close their energy centres, how to work with guidance and how to energetically protect themselves. The healing method taught is a form of ‘hands-off’ energy healing that participants can use both on themselves and on others. Throughout the classes participants will be given techniques and exercises that, with practice, will help them to tune in to their inner selves, their bodies and their intuition.

Pre-class sign-up is mandatory and participants will be asked to complete a pre course worksheet to help them benefit fully from all these classes can offer.

Each week the class is broken into four segments

1. How the mind works
2. The Energy Body - Healing practise
3. Your toolkit
4. Guided meditation

Feel free to email me for more information. The email address is in the links section on left.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mellen Thomas Benedict

A friend of mine directed me to a site today about a man called Mellen Thomas Benedict who had an amazing near death experience. It really resonated with me as it so echoes all that came in for me when I was writing Dance with Life and all that my guidance is bringing in now. I know I said I'd say more about Sonia and I will later this week but one thing her workshops do is ramp up your abilities to tune in and clear the channels for guidance by an amazing degree. My readings are now bringing in a lot more detail and specific instruction.

Anyway enough about me, here’s some information on Mellen Thomas Benedict:
“Mellen-Thomas Benedict is an artist who survived a near-death experience in 1982. He died extremely discouraged about the nuclear and ecology crisis on our planet. He was dead for over an hour and a half and during that time, he rose up out of his body and went into the Light. Curious about the universe, he was taken far into the remote depths of existence, and even beyond, into the energetic Void of Nothingness behind the Big Bang. During his experience, he was able to learn a great deal of information concerning reincarnation. Because of his near-death experience, he was able to bring back scientific discoveries. Mellen has been closely involved in the mechanics of cellular communication and research dealing with the relationship of light to life called Quantum Biology. This research is providing dramatic new perspectives on how biological systems work. Mellen has found that living cells can respond very quickly to light stimulation resulting in, among other things, high speed healing. He is a researcher, inventor and lecturer who holds six U.S. patents.”

His story is too long to post here so this is his website:
(You can also click on this link in the links section on left)

A longer account can also be found here:


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sonia Choquette

I'm just back from an amazing few days training with Sonia Choquette. Sonia is a real "Joy Guide" and has a magical spirit that just lights up all the people she works with. I really recommend two of her books as must haves 'Trust your Vibes' and 'The Answer is Simple'.

I work in different ways with people. I use Byron Katie's The Work to deal with the mind, I use the principles in Dance with Life and various other healing techniques that I have developed for soul growth and unblocking creativity and I use a lot of what Sonia has taught me for the intuitive and healing side of what I do as I have found that as well as getting rid of stressful thought patterns and introducing positive ways forward, it's also necessary to clear the old energy patterns from the body through energy healing and intuitive guidance.

With all the turmoil in the world financial markets right now it's so important to remember that all that we do should bring joy and fun to our lives and that we can access that inner joy no matter what is going on in our lives or in the world.

I'm going to run a series of healing classes in the new year so that people can learn these techniques for themselves and have an easy to use and enjoyable personal toolkit that can bring positive growth to body, mind and spirit.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A beautiful journey

My thoughts of the last few weeks have been with a very beautiful lady called Greta who died following a brave and inspiring battle with cancer. She and her husband are such an inspiration and brought me to a whole new thinking on the story of relationship. We get so caught up in the trivial stuff in life, the drama, the manipulations, the power struggles etc. that we can take the gift of living so for granted. Until of course reality comes knocking and the inevitable truth that our time here is precious, limited and uncertain. The question that this amazing couple brought me to is who can we die with? We spend a lot of time looking at who we want to live with, but when the chips are down, when every breath is precious, when there is no more room for pretense or polite conversation then what becomes magnified is truth and real nitty gritty warts and all love. This couple loved and grew in love to the bitter end, loved not only each other and their children but all who they knew and held close to their hearts. So many romantic novels of old ask the dramatic "Would you die for me?" question. But in real life the question is can you die with me and can I die with you? Can we hold and sustain each other through the hardest that life can throw at us? And even in the hard times can we find the space to learn and grow and evolve? The person you can die with is the person you can live with and whether that is a lover, a family or a friend it doesn't matter. All that matters is that it's real. Because in the end reality and truth and love are the things that sustain us. All the rest is trivia.

To see Greta speaking about her journey and her deep experience of Maharaji's beautiful teaching go to:
(direct link in links on left)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What is it worth?

I was thinking today about the idea of what something is worth and it reminded me of something Byron Katie said. She said: "What you believe is your religion and your entire devotion is dedicated to believing that, and there is no room for God in it. That is your God. What you believe is your God."

We've all heard the saying 'Let go, let God'. The thoughts we need to question, the ones that brought us pain, suffering, angst and misery are the ones we have become devoted to. And they are the ones we have to let go of. So why do we find it so hard to let go? Perhaps because somewhere in there scrambled up in all the suffering were a few good moments. We want the good moments back and when we can't get them the tantrum starts, the argument with what is. In attaching to what we want something to be, we lose sight of the reality of what was and what is. We forget what clarity, acceptance and ease feel like. We become so devoted to the thought of how it could or should be that we lose all sight of how it actually is.

But we have a choice. We don't have to believe our thoughts. We can just question what we believe and in doing that they let go of us. Yes there is a cost involved. And we look at cost with a lot of concepts. Everything we do has a cost. A time cost, an emotional cost, a choice cost. One definition of cost is: " value measured by what must be given or done or undergone to obtain something". We tend to view cost as a loss of some kind or as a trial or suffering that we must undergo to get to the other side. But if we question our thoughts and our devotion to the cause to which we think we are so attached then the cost rapidly switches to a positive value.

The cost is simply the little bit of time and effort required in questioning a thought that when prised loose from the grip of misplaced devotion shines back at us with the simple uncomplicated truth of how it is. It's our choice whether to let go or whether to grip even harder. To me it's a no brainer. Let go and you get the whole 'let God' magic and the excitement of new possibilities. Grip harder and you right back on the same old merrygoround that you you went on before.

So what to choose - an old loop tape constantly repeating or open-ended freedom? I'll take the freedom every time along with another Katieism which is: "Reality is always kinder than the story we tell about it."

Friday, July 18, 2008

Angel Prayers and Messages is being reprinted

Great news! We've finally sorted out Angel Prayers and Messages and it's going back on sale in mid August. It can be pre-ordered from Amazon right now.

Thanks to everyone who wrote, emailed and phoned and basically ordered us to get our fingers out and get this book back in print!

I was humming and hawing a bit about it this week and just handed the decision over. That morning I had a very nice email from a lady telling me she really needed several copies and the following day I had a phone call from someone else with the same request. Well, that combined with the response over the past few months, gave us the answer we needed and so Rosie and I decided to stop waiting and start acting.

The amazon link is posted on the left under the front cover image of the book.

For those of you who liked this book please go on amazon and post a review. It really helps to keep a book active in their system. I'd love if Dance with Life fans could do the same for that book.

love and thanks J

Monday, July 14, 2008

This amazing life...

I haven't posted for a while. It's been busy and I've had a wonderful time. I was in Carcasonne seeing the amazing Cathar sites, and then a workshop with Sonia Choquette about whom I'll post about next and finally an event with Maharaji who is, in my opinion, the most enlightened teacher currently on this planet! I'm posting some of what he said in recent talks below:


Get to know. Get to understand something. Get to feel. Get to be in gratitude. Get to rejoice. When those things happen, you feel alive. That’s when you begin to live. Everything is such a dance. Such a movement.

The most magnificent movement is the coming and going of this breath. This does not require a scripture to understand. It needs no proof. It needs no buildup. Its divinity is obvious. Is it obvious to you?


"In the heart of every human being resides god. In the temple of the heart. I too, feel that feeling - that within me resides that beauty, that power. It is no coincidence that when I turn within, my heart is filled with joy.

The blessing is joy. The blessing is peace.

In my life, I have to choose that every single day."


Remember this. It was you—the same self—looked in the mirror and said, “I am so young.” The same self looked in the mirror and said, “I look good.” The same self is going to look in the mirror and proclaim, “I’m getting old.” Same self is going to look in the mirror and say, “I used to be young.” Same mirror. Mirror is mirror. Same self.

080712s2_warsaw_1So, are you not curious, what is this self? Are you not curious to understand your true nature? Are you not curious to understand what is this realm of existence? People talk about liberation, and I wonder. What liberation? This body comes from dust. This is what it came from. These simple elements. And it’ll go back to these elements and it’ll be re-used again and again and again. And again, and again, and again.

And then they go, “But the soul. Your essence will come back.” My essence cannot be separated from the essence of the infinite. It’s one and the same. This is where in me resides the infinite. This body is finite, and what lives inside this finite shell is infinite.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clear Intent & magic

I was thinking today about the states of insanity we try to live in, and all the while telling ourselves that this way of living is normal. No two opposing thoughts can occupy the same brain without leading to severe stress and yet this is what we do all the time.

Examples of opposing thoughts in action:

Having a desire for success while also feeling that 'that kind of luck just won't happen for me'.
Trying to start a new relationship while holding on to the remembered pain or joy of a past relationship.
Attempting to trust life while also believing that fearful things can just 'happen' to you.
Getting stuck in want based thinking which always put the desired outcome in the future and not realising that "act as if' means really absolutely believing on every level that what you want already is, right here, right now.

We all do this but we can stop it by questioning our thoughts, by getting present to what is real in our lives and by focusing on the breath. Each breath is so taken for granted but it is the miracle that lies literally under our noses. It seems so ordinary but it is the ultimate dividing line between life and death. And we cannot even control our breath. We are, in fact, being breathed and in each breath the huge cellular network that is our human form manifests us in this world. There is no control. There is nothing we can control. We can only flow with the action of being breathed, with the action of our cells manifesting form, and in that space we can in turn manifest the life we want to lead. It is that simple. It is that magical.

Jill Bolte Taylor - My Stroke of Insight

Jill Bolte Taylor's talk at TED is really doing the rounds on the net and to me it is one of the best presentations I have ever seen.

She also has a book out called "My Stroke of Insight" and it is an excellent read.

Jill Bolte Taylor is a Brain Specialist who at the age of 37 had a stroke. Her book begins by explaining the way the brain works clearly and simply from a functional point of view. It also provides a valuable insight as to what a stroke victim experiences and is a must read for anyone working with or caring for a stroke victim.

But this book is much more than that. As Jill walks us through the process of her stroke, which shut down her left brain function and gave her an uninterrupted view of the right brain in action the book opens out to give us an experience of the amazing and boundless potential of the human as a being at one with and in direct connection with what she describes as 'the life force power of the universe.'

There are so many books trying to describe the human condition both from the perspective of science and biology and from the spiritual perspective. In this book both perspectives meet and back each other up. My reaction to this book was "At last! A scientist who not only understands the mechanisms that allow us to experience the full potential of our nature as spiritual and human beings but who, through her direct experience of it, can testify to the fact that we all have the capacity to be at one with all that is, right here right now while we are still alive and inhabiting the genius structure that is the human body."

As visitors to this site know, Dance with Life is an experiential journey through what it means to be alive and the ways of 'unlearning' all the concepts which block us from having a full experience of our place as awakened beings in a friendly and beautiful universe. Too often I've been asked if this is really possible, if everyone really has the ability to do this. Now I'm delighted to be able to say go read Jill Bolte Taylor's book and you'll find all the explanation and proof that you need. In fact I'd recommend that her last chapter should be required reading for anyone who wants to further their inner exploration as it paves the way to really understand and get the most from what all the spiritual journey books say.

Also check out her talk at TED the link is here:
and posted in the links column on the left.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Workshops etc

I'll be running 1 workshop in April (second half of month), 2 workshops in May and 2 workshops in June.
If you're interested, please email on the link to the left for times and dates.

I'm open to running an inquiry circle for anyone interested in the opportunity to do the work on an ongoing basis. I'd like to do this the first Tuesday of every month so again please email if you're interested.

One to one sessions are also available.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What is The Work of Byron Katie?

In its most basic form, The Work consists of four questions and a turnaround.
The questions are:

Is it true?

Can you absolutely know that it's true?

How do you react, what happens, when you think that thought?

Who would you be without the thought?

Then turn it around, it being the concept you are questioning, and for each turnaround find three genuine and specific examples of each turned around statement in your life.

It's not a quick question and answer process. It's more of an active meditation. You sit with each question and answer and really feel it in your body and notice how you feel every step of the way.

For example I posted The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer here because I came across it again and remembered that I had liked it very much in the past. It is a poem about relationships of all kinds, not just romantic ones, and about all desires we think we should fulfil to connect with each other. Then I reread it and realised that I don't hold any of it to be true for me any more! So I'm going to use a line from that to show the work in action. (I've removed the post of The Invitation as it's very long but anyone wanting to read it can see it here:

The main thrust of the poem centres around 'I want to know" and then each 'I want to know" follows with a list of desired outcomes eg. "I want to know what you ache for
and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing."

So let's do the work..

I want to know - is that true?

I want to know - can I absolutely know that that's true
No I can't absolutely know that

How do I react, what happens, when I think that thought - I want to know?
I feel pressure. I feel out of control when I can't know. I feel angry and unsettled. My mind travels into the future and projects that if I can't know that I'll have lost something. The feeling of wanting becomes like a void or a giant mouth that just can't get enough. My body feels heavy and my stomach knots.

Who would you be without the thought - I want to know?
I'd be at peace. I'd be content with the openness of not knowing. The future feels open, exciting and expansive again. My body lightens and I feel a real sense of relief.

Turnaround 1
I don't want to know
eg. When I read a book or watch a movie I love the excitement of just moving through page by page or scene by scene not knowing where the story is going to take me
eg In life I live in a don't want to know way. I notice I don't really like very fixed plans and I prefer to let things evolve
eg. In relationships I realise now when I look back that I like the idea of knowing but in reality what I really look for is the comfort of just being. When the feeling is clear there is nothing to know.

Turnaround 2
I want to know about my thinking about want
eg. I notice that when I get into wanting to know what someone else wants or thinks that I put myself in a situation of stressful thinking as my thinking is trying to hold onto something impossible to attain. It is trying to project a future that hasn't happened and blocks acceptance of the truth of the present.
eg I realise that what someone else thinks or wants is their business and is in their minds. It has nothing to do with me and thinking that it has is hopeless
eg. People interacting only need to have one common thought, the thought that they like being in each others company. If they have that common thought they spend time together if they don't have it they don't. All the other thoughts are just ideas to swap around and play with. Thinking I 'want' to know more then blocks me from seeing what actually is right in front of me

So as an outcome what feels as true or truer. Having worked it I don't want to know is much truer for me. That thought brings me peace. When I believed I want to know it brought me stress.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Just in case any one is wondering why there are some strange videos of cats currently in the Byron Katie selection it has to do with an analogy Katie uses when she says: "If you want reality to be different than it is, you might as well try to teach a cat to bark. You can try and try, and in the end the cat will look up at you and say, "Meow." Wanting reality to be different than it is is hopeless." So that's the reason that bit of fun is there at the moment.

As we're on the topic of fun, for anyone who enjoys a bit of humour there's a great site called that runs spoof stories and really casts a humerous and sometimes risque eye on news and current affairs. Warning - most are fine but there are one or two that are not suitable for kids or adults either for that matter so be discerning before you click.

Inquiry Circle

Thanks to all who came to the February workshop. I really enjoyed it and it never stops amazing me and inspiring me when I see the action of doing The Work having such an immediate effect, especially for those who are trying it for the first time.

We're going to try and get an Inquiry Circle going in the Bantry area so anyone interested please email me (link to email is on left).

The next workshop will be in March and I'll put the dates up next week.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Favourite Children's Books

What we read and love as children stays with us and shapes the adults we become. I've been thinking a lot lately about the joy that reading brought me as a child, and reminding ourselves of that is such a good way of opening to and of remembering our inner creative process. With that in mind I've started a new blog ( - link on right) where I invite everyone to write about the books that inspired them as children and indeed about any children's books they have discovered or rediscovered now as adults.

And what are children reading now? What do they like? What issues really get their attention? I'd love to know if it's all very different now or if children actually enjoy the same things generation after generation, I also really want to encourage children to write there so they have a forum to share their views, so if there are children you know who would enjoy this please ask them to write there - but only if they want to. Nothing should ever be forced in life :)
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