Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well at long last have my website partially up! It's there in the links on the left called The Fusion Method or

It's been a while coming but I needed time to figure out where all that I was learning and assimilating was leading me. I use the Work of Byron Katie to free the mind, the teachings of Prem Rawat Maharaji to feel life and the huge joy bubble that is Sonia Choquette and her methods to live the experience. All the while I've been avidly studying the latest in quantum physics theories and their application to the particular healing system that I have developed. It all comes together in the Fusion Method and I'm excited about where it will lead.

I'm in the process of writing 'Dance with Life in Action', a workbook that embraces the Fusion Method, and in that I will develop some of the science and amazing theories that back up and underpin much of the centuries old teachings that I passed on in Dance with Life.

I'll keep you posted on how that all progresses.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Fusion Method Healing Classes

Healing Classes Begin in Bantry on Monday January 26th 2009

The Fusion Method is a mind-body-spirit approach to healing and holistic well being. The aim of this class is to give participants the tools to deal with stressful and negative thinking or any thoughts which block or prevent success. Participants will learn how to open and close their energy centres, how to work with guidance and how to energetically protect themselves. The healing method taught is a form of ‘hands-off’ energy healing that participants can use both on themselves and on others. Throughout the classes participants will be given techniques and exercises that, with practice, will help them to tune in to their inner selves, their bodies and their intuition.

Pre-class sign-up is mandatory and participants will be asked to complete a pre course worksheet to help them benefit fully from all these classes can offer.

Each week the class is broken into four segments

1. How the mind works
2. The Energy Body - Healing practise
3. Your toolkit
4. Guided meditation

Feel free to email me for more information. The email address is in the links section on left.
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