Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clear Intent & magic

I was thinking today about the states of insanity we try to live in, and all the while telling ourselves that this way of living is normal. No two opposing thoughts can occupy the same brain without leading to severe stress and yet this is what we do all the time.

Examples of opposing thoughts in action:

Having a desire for success while also feeling that 'that kind of luck just won't happen for me'.
Trying to start a new relationship while holding on to the remembered pain or joy of a past relationship.
Attempting to trust life while also believing that fearful things can just 'happen' to you.
Getting stuck in want based thinking which always put the desired outcome in the future and not realising that "act as if' means really absolutely believing on every level that what you want already is, right here, right now.

We all do this but we can stop it by questioning our thoughts, by getting present to what is real in our lives and by focusing on the breath. Each breath is so taken for granted but it is the miracle that lies literally under our noses. It seems so ordinary but it is the ultimate dividing line between life and death. And we cannot even control our breath. We are, in fact, being breathed and in each breath the huge cellular network that is our human form manifests us in this world. There is no control. There is nothing we can control. We can only flow with the action of being breathed, with the action of our cells manifesting form, and in that space we can in turn manifest the life we want to lead. It is that simple. It is that magical.

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