Friday, July 18, 2008

Angel Prayers and Messages is being reprinted

Great news! We've finally sorted out Angel Prayers and Messages and it's going back on sale in mid August. It can be pre-ordered from Amazon right now.

Thanks to everyone who wrote, emailed and phoned and basically ordered us to get our fingers out and get this book back in print!

I was humming and hawing a bit about it this week and just handed the decision over. That morning I had a very nice email from a lady telling me she really needed several copies and the following day I had a phone call from someone else with the same request. Well, that combined with the response over the past few months, gave us the answer we needed and so Rosie and I decided to stop waiting and start acting.

The amazon link is posted on the left under the front cover image of the book.

For those of you who liked this book please go on amazon and post a review. It really helps to keep a book active in their system. I'd love if Dance with Life fans could do the same for that book.

love and thanks J

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