Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well at long last have my website partially up! It's there in the links on the left called The Fusion Method or

It's been a while coming but I needed time to figure out where all that I was learning and assimilating was leading me. I use the Work of Byron Katie to free the mind, the teachings of Prem Rawat Maharaji to feel life and the huge joy bubble that is Sonia Choquette and her methods to live the experience. All the while I've been avidly studying the latest in quantum physics theories and their application to the particular healing system that I have developed. It all comes together in the Fusion Method and I'm excited about where it will lead.

I'm in the process of writing 'Dance with Life in Action', a workbook that embraces the Fusion Method, and in that I will develop some of the science and amazing theories that back up and underpin much of the centuries old teachings that I passed on in Dance with Life.

I'll keep you posted on how that all progresses.


Unknown said...

I have just ordered your book Dance With Life so I can review it on my blog and I sort of stumbled across your blog. Your book looks likes something my blog readers would enjoy. I will pop back once I have read it but thought I would say hello for now.
Lovely blog and posts, look forward to the book.
Best wishes,
Kenny Mc Bride.

J.M. Hurley said...

Thanks Kenny
I hope you enjoy it! I had a quick look at your blog and it's lovely. Will read more tomorrow when I have more time.
x Justina

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