Monday, August 25, 2008

A beautiful journey

My thoughts of the last few weeks have been with a very beautiful lady called Greta who died following a brave and inspiring battle with cancer. She and her husband are such an inspiration and brought me to a whole new thinking on the story of relationship. We get so caught up in the trivial stuff in life, the drama, the manipulations, the power struggles etc. that we can take the gift of living so for granted. Until of course reality comes knocking and the inevitable truth that our time here is precious, limited and uncertain. The question that this amazing couple brought me to is who can we die with? We spend a lot of time looking at who we want to live with, but when the chips are down, when every breath is precious, when there is no more room for pretense or polite conversation then what becomes magnified is truth and real nitty gritty warts and all love. This couple loved and grew in love to the bitter end, loved not only each other and their children but all who they knew and held close to their hearts. So many romantic novels of old ask the dramatic "Would you die for me?" question. But in real life the question is can you die with me and can I die with you? Can we hold and sustain each other through the hardest that life can throw at us? And even in the hard times can we find the space to learn and grow and evolve? The person you can die with is the person you can live with and whether that is a lover, a family or a friend it doesn't matter. All that matters is that it's real. Because in the end reality and truth and love are the things that sustain us. All the rest is trivia.

To see Greta speaking about her journey and her deep experience of Maharaji's beautiful teaching go to:
(direct link in links on left)

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