Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Something New

Well it's been all change in the world or has it.. Fear affects us all in so may ways. I've been holding myself back for some time now from committing to establishing a healing centre in the small town I live in. But I'm following my heart and the Fusion Centre will open May 5th to offer The Work of Byron Katie, Intuitive Mentoring and Energy Healing. All things I've been doing for a while now but not in a committed full time capacity. My decision to offer it via the centre is largely based on my commitment to my own path and walking the walk as it were, rather than hiding behind the many excuses for not just admitting that writing and healing is all that I do.

And for all out there who may be feeling the effects of all the global fear please realise that this global lesson is a financial one. So many of us have come to see our worth and the worth of those around us in purely financial terms and that is such a slippery road to go on. In reality no money is secure, banks can fail, stocks become worthless, property prices fall, countries revolt. It's all a game and if we can't see that our only asset is love, family and community and the ability to give and receive love to our partners, family and friends then we truly lose because we are not recognising that the only currency that has any value or endurance is the currency of love.

The question we can ask ourselves in this situation is what did we value? What did we expect to gain from having houses that were so much bigger than our actual needs? Why did we need four wheel drives if we were living in urban or inner city ares? Why did we think the chemical peels, the botox or the facelifts would prevent the natural aging process? What did we really expect to gain from any of these transient things?

In looking at the false idols that we devote ourselves to, we may begin to get a sense again of what is real. So from a work perspective I would ask not "is the world economy in crisis" but rather "is our 'meaning of life' view being challenged"?

That's a nice question to sit with and do an inquiry on...

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greensleeves said...

you are a brave and joyous woman by following your path by opening your healing centre and reading your page today has helped me to reconnect with my soul i thank you for that i know you will be bring much healing to the world

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