Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Heart of a Child

The children arriving on the planet now (and in the past ten years) I feel are a very special batch that have a huge part to play in our movment towards a new phase in our evolution as spiritual beings. They are coming at a time when life on earth is very disturbed and out of balance.

It is vital to nurture and protect these children. To give them routine, structure and boundaries, while also allowing them to open to the spiritual world and to the power of their own conscious creation. To allow them time in nature, time to reflect, to think, read, paint, draw, create. No TV is the best option, as it is now so polluted with images of debasment and negativity, however nothing is all bad and excellent nature programmes and programmes which enhance learning and growth are good. Active parenting is the key. sharing meals together, conversation, debate, laughter, guidance and clarity.

It's just not on to plonk these kids in front of a TV or video game and expect that all will be well. It won't be. I'll talk about this more in later posts but for now I just want to let a young lady called Tia Nicole speak in the clip posted below:

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